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Utopian Worlds

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For centuries people have been dreaming, and writing about the possibility of living in a perfect world. In fact, Sir Thomas More started it all in 1516 with his aptly titled book, Utopia. The prospect of a perfect society has been popular ever since, and many others have contemplated what a utopia might look like. If you love the idea of living in a utopia, then take a look at some of these idyllic worlds.

Manna, by Marshall Brain

If you’re afraid that technology has a stranglehold on humanity, then you really need to read this story. Marshall Brain expertly weaves a tale the depicts two versions of humanity’s future. In one grim depiction of the future, jobs that were performed by people are quickly overtaken by automated machines and robots. As more and more jobs are absorbed by machines, a great number individuals find themselves trapped in a world where they have no job, no income and no future. There is an alternate depiction of the future however, and it presents the reader with a world filled with hope and opportunity. It is a reality wherein automation provides for humanities many needs. Which version will humanity follow? There is only one way to know. Read this book!

White Mars, by Brian W. Aldiss

What happens when you can’t create Utopia on Earth? That’s right — you take it to space! In his book White Mars, Brian Aldiss creates a fascinating utopian society on Mars. Set in the latter half of the 21st century, readers are introduced to a future where corporate America has succeeded in colonizing Mars. As it turns out, the Martian colony is a viable alternative to an Earth that is over populated, torn apart by war, and polluted beyond repair. However, when the economy on earth collapses, communication between the two worlds is severed, and those left behind on Mars are forced to fend for themselves. What ensues is an attempt by the colonists to create a new society based on freedom and fairness, that eliminates all the strife that plagues modern society such as hunger, hatred, war, and environmental abuse. How do they face these challenges while trying to survive? Read the book to find out!

Utopian worlds give a writer the opportunity to create unspoiled perfection. Although each world an author creates might be different, they all depict a unique representation of what Utopia could be. The next time you want to get lost in an uplifting book about a perfect world, give one of these titles a try.

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