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  • February 8, 2017
  • by: Ollie

Gavin E Parker


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-A Roller Coaster Ride to Mars-

Politics, warships, and intrigue are all critical elements of the sci fi epic Ephialtes. Set several hundred years in the future, the story is centered around the Martian struggle for independence and its impact on humanity. With the masses on Earth just settling in after the conclusion of a world war, few see the revolutionary events on Mars coming. Much of the book deals with how various entities on Earth struggle to come to terms with the dramatic events that unfold on the red planet. Earth’s response comes in the form of two capital ships, the Otus and Ephialtes, which are sent careening towards Mars to shut down the political tumult, but of course nothing goes according to plan. Or does it…



The story is fantastic. Its’ multilayered plot is as much about conspiracy and intrigue, as it is about space battles and sci-fi tech. That being said, my only gripe with story is that it is a little lopsided. Everything goes predictably according to plan for one side (despite the odds), while things consistently go wrong for the other. All in all, the book makes for an excellent read. It is as fun as it is engrossing, and it belongs on the reading list of Martian revolutionaries everywhere.

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