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The Greatest Mechs in Anime and SCI-FI

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Japan has been having mechs go at each other since the 1960s and they don’t show any sign of letting up. They’re as popular today as they were 60 years ago! Who doesn’t want to see two metal monsters wreak havoc on each other? Here the five greatest mechs in both Anime and sci-fi history.

5.   The Big O

The Big O first aired October 1999 in Japan and in January 2000 in North America. It has a particular artistic style that made this show beautiful. It was dark – but not too dark. It was funny – but not too funny it takes place in a futuristic era, 40 years after all the inhabitants of Paradigm City suffer from amnesia. Roger Smith uses him megadeus Big O to try and help restore the city’s memories.

4.   Tony Stark’s Iron Man

Iron Man commands and is still going strong some of the most hardened fans of exoskeletons in the history of ever. This Marvel hero made his debut in 1963 before most of us were born. As he described himself in Avengers in 2012, he is a self-made billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist, he has survived to this day, making it to the big screen – five times so far.

3.   Epyon from Mobile Suit Gundam

As a personal favorite of mine, Epyon from Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most powerful and complicated mechanical exoskeletons ever to grace the anime screen. This mobile suit was difficult to pilot because the artificial intelligence system would show the pilot the next move of the enemy pilot before it was made. Showing the pilot the future outcomes of battles really messed with the character’s mind – in this case, Heero Yuy.

2.   Amplified Mobility Platform from James Cameron’s Avatar

Many movie producers are credited for creating intriguing and amazing stories. Very few movie producers are credited for creating intriguing and amazing worlds. Avatar was a movie that created an entire world, complete with the Na’Vi, the indigenous populace. This is the classic tale of humans versus aliens – with aliens coming out on top.

1.   Caterpillar Power Loader from Aliens

The Caterpillar Power Loader piloted by Ellen Ripley from the movie Aliens remains one of the most iconic exoskeletons/mecha suits to ever grace the silver screen. The movie came out in 1986 and was pioneered by James Cameron. At the time, no one knew what a queen alien would look like – but James did. We have James Cameron to thank for instilling a piece of American pop culture into our minds for not years, but decades to come.

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