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Solace of the Condemned

Solace of the Condemned

Some would call the isolated moon world of Myre an “outpost”, however, in truth it is an outright prison planet.  It was here that the losers of the last interstellar war, the Halcion Sect, met their fate.  Banished to Myre and stripped of their memories, most were left without an identity. Those that remained found themselves driven into a primitive world, archaic and ancient.

Human civilization has also struggled following the end of the great interstellar war. Many seek fragments of knowledge that have since been lost within the expanse of space. One such crew is aboard the Voltus. Tasked with scouring the inky darkness above Myre, the Voltus and its scout ships have assembled above the planet’s surface in order to carry out a treacherous reconnaissance mission. It is a task that has brought the crew of the Voltus face to face with disaster, and has sent one of its scout ships careening towards the Myre’s surface.

When the remaining scout ships make landfall in order to rescue any remaining survivors, they discover that they are not alone.  They are now on a world inhabited by the remnants of the Halcion. Armored and enormous, the Halcion tower above the landscape, a testament to the years of genetic engineering their people endured before the great war.  Like hulking knights of lore, they prowl the wastes like a ravenous horde from a long forgotten era.

With their small arms and up-armored EVA suits, the crew must now prepare for the inevitable. But as worlds collide, time itself will tear the crews apart and create a reality that belongs in neither the future nor the past….



 This e-Book is downloadable in three different formats: epub, mobi and pdf

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