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Demon Warriors in Comics and Fantasy

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Demon Warriors play a vital role in folklore and storytelling. Bound by spiritual restraints that beckon them to fight, they are condemned to walk the earth. To some, they are anti-hero’s that seek out only the most forlorn of battles. To others they are accursed saviors, who dare to fight their own kind in the hope of finding redemption.

Demon warriors have made their way into a wide variety of comics and fantasy novels. Defined by condemnation and quests for redemption, their path is typically one that is awash with suffering. Yet they fight on, at odds with the venerated heroes that fight beside them and at war with the never-ending darkness.

If you’re questing for tales of demon warriors that answer to no one, then look no further.  Here are two that are sure to entertain.


   Alessar, The Demon WarriorIt is the dawn of a dark age, and one man, Alessar, stands between Sakoul and his bloodthirsty quest to destroy Earlseus.  An elite warrior by trade, Alessar and his companions the ice elves, will come face to face with Sakoul’s black army.  As the body’s pile up and destruction ensues, only time will tell who emerges victorious from the maelstrom of chaos.

   Constantine: The Hellblazer #12This time around John Constantine, the demon hunter from DC Comics, is taking on demons once again.  But the path before him is going to be anything but easy as he will have to contend with not one, but two devils this time around. With darkness and magic abound everywhere, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the fate of New York’s immortal soul depend on what Constantine does next.


And there you have it. It’s time for you go out, and feast upon the deliciously dark destruction that only a demon warrior can deal!

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