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The story arc

Introduction: The Empire of the Lost

It's here. The new story arc from "Empire of the Lost" is upon us. In the coming weeks, our new story arc is going to give you the chance to shape entire worlds and some pivotal characters, so buckle up. Without further ado, the introduction awaits...

Entombed inside a hulking steel war machine, Nolan's reality is one that lies divided between two worlds. In the one, he is enslaved within the dominion of an Artificial Intelligence. There his mind lies tethered to a battered siege walker that stalks the wastes of a ruined world, hunting for robotic prey. In the other, Nolan takes refuge within the simulated dream world of Arcanus. There, during his hours at rest, he lives aboard a massive simulated space station that is populated with what remains of humanity. Each world is designed to shackle Nolan to his doomed fate, but as these worlds collide, fortune will lead him down a path that might just set him free.

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Our Updates and New Releases

February 5, 2017

Possessed Weapons: Past to Present

  Viewers familiar with Game of Thrones (and its source material, George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire) may recognize the names of swords, in much the same way they might recognize the show’s human characters. Blackfyre; Brightroar; […]

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February 5, 2017

The Return of the Cyborgs

  Cyborgs, or “cybernetic organisms” have fascinated sci-fi enthusiasts for decades. Innumerable science fiction stories have explored the possibilities and consequences of combining human and mechanical parts into a single being. Common themes include: the struggle between organic and synthetic […]

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Hot Novels & Short Stories

  • February 6, 2017
  • by: Ollie

Brother Frankenstein

-A New Masterpiece by Michael Bunker- Fantastic, unique and full of character, these are just some of Brother Frankenstein’s defining traits. Written primarily from the perspective of Dr. Keith Alexander, a physician and researcher, the novel revolves around Dr. Alexander’s […]

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  • February 8, 2017
  • by: Ollie


-A Roller Coaster Ride to Mars- Politics, warships, and intrigue are all critical elements of the sci fi epic Ephialtes. Set several hundred years in the future, the story is centered around the Martian struggle for independence and its impact […]

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The contest

Help us shape the Madness in May Flash Fiction Contest

Join us in our forums, as we create the writing prompts for our Madness in May flash fiction contest. The contest’s theme is going to be deep space isolation and madness!  Once we’ve selected writing prompts, we’ll open up a poll in April and let you decide what the final Madness in May writing prompt is going to be. So if you happen to have any crazy sci-fi contest ideas floating around in the back of your mind, drop us line and let us know.

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